Why Soil Remediation and Oil Tank Removal Services Empower NJ Homeowners

Being a homeowner in the beautiful state of New Jersey comes with a number of benefits. From living in a state with the best pizza in the country, to being in a prime location for getting to the top travel destinations on the east coast, NJ is an ideal place to call home.

Except for those oil tanks. In the 19th century oil tanks were used as heating sources for homes. These tanks were buried in the ground around the property, and while they served their purpose then, nobody knew they would cause problems 100 years later.

Oil tanks only last for about 100 years before they begin deteriorating and leaking petrol and other toxins. As a result, soil gets contaminated and land can become inhabitable. This is why soil remediation and oil tank removal NJ companies are so crucial to protecting homes and the land they sit on. This article is intended to help New Jersey homeowners see the value in companies that perform soil remediation and oil tank removal services, and why they should be contacted.

It All Starts with Oil Tank Sweep NJ Detection Services

If you own a home that was built towards the end of the 19th century, there is a good chance you have one or more oil tanks on your property. If you have one, it is probably on the verge of leaking, or has already started. As a homeowner you can empower yourself by having an oil tank sweep NJ company come out and detect any potential tanks. If your property is tank-free you can get a certificate saying so and this will make your home more attractive to buyers when you go to sell. Oil tank removal will also add resale value to your home, as buying an older property that is void from oil tanks is attractive to any savvy buyer.

Soil Remediation and Oil Tank Removal Services can Save You Thousands of Dollars

Leaking oil tanks can hit homeowners with huge devastating bills that destroy one’s retirement fund or their kid’s college tuition. In 2004 an oil tank out in the New Jersey countryside leaked petrol into the home’s foundation resulting in its total replacement. Insurance only covered 30 percent of the cost leaving the homeowner with a bill of more than $70,000 in construction, labor, remediation and demolition services.

If you detect a leaking oil tank do not ignore it; call a soil remediation NJ company that also performs oil tank removal services, and have them take care of the problem before it expands into a costly catastrophe.

Soil Remediation Promotes Healthy Land

As a homeowner you want property that serves as a healthy place for children to play and families to enjoy those outdoor gatherings. After all, the last thing you need is to be flipping burgers on the grill during your July 4th family BBQ to have petrol ooze up from the ground and ruin everything. And leaving the ground soaking with oil will only cause contamination expansion across your land and into groundwater. Call a soil remediation company in New Jersey to cleanse the land and empower you as a homeowner with a healthy hearth and home.