Tips if you’re going to live only for the first time

Leaving the parents’ house to achieve the desired independence is a great moment, is not it? For the first time you will be free to do whatever you want with your times and spaces. And yet, it is the time when you will also have to take charge of everything that involves living alone, from paying bills, to cooking your food. Are you about to make the decision? Then take advantage of these tips, which will help you make those first months a much easier and more enjoyable experience.

Good Place:

Your life is going to improve if you select a safe place to live, your parents will be calm thinking in your security, so your next home have to have all the services in and out, like a hospital near, supermarket, your school, veneers dentist in Tijuana.

Analyze the situation:

The first advice may seem very simple, but it is crucial: the first thing you have to do is analyze your situation well. First, what is your budget? And this is the most important step, because the rest will depend on that.

When you are clear about how much you have to spend every month, you can think about the best option: go live alone or with friends, rent an apartment or simply a piece … As a council, consider that the monthly budget must include, besides the lease, the accounts, the common expenses, the purchases of the supermarket and pharmacy, and all those small periodic expenses that almost always forget before being independent.

Be realistic:

If you just started working and in your first month freelance you managed to raise the necessary money to rent an apartment for you alone, think about whether this will be a constant income source or if it was just a stroke of luck. This will allow you to better plan the type of independence you can achieve. As a freelancer, the most advisable thing is to put together a well that gives you the peace of mind to be able to avoid difficult months before becoming independent.

Lists and more lists:

The lists are the best, because they serve well to put everything in perspective.

When you are clear about your budget, and where you are going to live, make a list with the things you have and another with the things you will need. For example, maybe your parents are going to let you take the bed you’ve used all your life (because they want to convert your expieza into a gym) and they’ll also give you some things they had stored in the cellar. But most likely you need several more to install comfortably.

The essentials:

From the list of things you need, choose the ones that are essential and save to be able to buy them as soon as possible, hopefully before the big move. What are these things? It depends on each one, but in general, the basics if you’re going to live alone, is: the bed, the refrigerator, a stove or microwave and something to sit on.

A good option is a futon, because it has a double function (and that’s always a good idea when it comes to saving money and space). And if you are going to buy a bed and the space where you will live is small, a great idea is to buy a multifunctional bed.