How Virtual Home Tours Sell More Properties

You would be hard-pressed to name an industry that hasn’t been touched by virtual marketing. From Legos to cars, and from ticket sales to popular events, to homebuilders and their real estate, virtual marketing is playing a role in practically every industry.

As you know, having pictures of homes for sale are vital sales points and can be found on any MLS listing that points to a broker’s site. But companies that design virtual home tours take things a step further by creating interactive experiences that help bridge buyers with the emotional surge that comes to those who interact with homes at the heart level.

This article is intended to help homebuilders learn the value in virtual home tours and the problems they resolve that often lead to greater sales.

Virtual Home Tours and Popularity

Any buying process that uses interactive technology to enhance the buyer experience will see an increase in sales, especially homes and to top that, home that can be customized to the buyer’s desires. HGTV is one of the most watched TV networks in America, and with their programming alone they have made virtual home tours popular. In fact, once recognized by home buyers, they get excited and spend hours and days engaging with their potential new home. Shows like Property Brothers, Flip or Flop and Good Bones often feature virtual home tours on their shows when walking buyers through proposed interior and exterior design changes, and the network reported an immense rise in viewership while realtors reported a significant rise in sales with a shorter sales cycle once utilizing the technology. Regardless of the network’s often archaic way of approaching the process of buying and selling homes, virtual tours have revolutionized the way homebuilders and their realtors approach home presentations to their buyers.

Virtual home Tours Deliver More Excitement than Photos and Sales Centers

In the past, home builders would show buyers photos of various interior layouts, designs, and fixtures. They would even walk buyers through the sales center and show them samples of flooring, countertops, backsplash tiles and hardware. But once they buyer walks away, whether they are going home or are headed out to look at other housing options, you lose them because new, fresher information demands their immediate attention placing your options on the backburner.

Virtual home tours allow buyers to play and engage with the home once they leave your sales center. They can be laying in bed at night with their tablets, or playing on their laptops during a dull meeting and switch out materials, move walls, and imagine family life with each exciting change. The impact is an emotional one that samples and photos simply can’t compete with.

Contact a company that makes custom virtual home tours and learn how you will generate more sales while seeing an increase in internal efficiency.