How to Find the Best NJ Demolition Contractors for Commercial Properties

If you own a business and seek NJ demolition contractors for commercial properties, then it is crucial to research various environmental service providers to find one that meets all the necessary requirements. But what exactly are these requirements and why do they matter?

If you are a business owner, property manager, or compliance officer and one of your many job responsibilities is to find demolition contractors to perform a number of tasks, this article will help guide you in the right direction.

The Best Demolition Contractors Offer Hefty Liability Insurance

When looking for demolition contractors, make sure they offer reasonable liability insurance to their clients. Sometimes things don’t always go as planned, especially during a demolition job. Hazardous materials can surface and spread, and toxic materials can be released into the environment. In addition, structures can experience severe damage due to miscalculations in the demolition process. Look for demolition contractors that offer at least $5,000,000 of pollution and liability insurance.

Look for Demolition Contractors that Specialize in the Right Jobs

Make sure the demolition contractors you consider working with have the experience and abilities to perform jobs in all areas and offer multiple services. These should include:


  • Public buildings
  • Commercial buildings
  • Asphalt and concrete
  • Specialized demolition
  • Container services
  • Building and equipment decontamination
  • Concrete, wood and metal recycling
  • Plant and facility decommissioning


When it comes to recycling, make sure the demolition contractors have the ability to perform this service for all types of materials, especially metals as there are a number of demolition companies that won’t touch certain types.


Finally, make sure the demolition contractors you consider hiring have the right certifications. Checking certifications is important because if the demolition team isn’t properly certified your insurance policy can become void, and you can be liable for any disaster at the state or federal level. Common certifications and affiliations to look for include:


  • NJ Dv. Property Management and Construction
  • NJ DOT
  • NJ Public Works Registration
  • NJ Schools Development
  • NJ Solid Waste Transporter
  • NJ DEP (UST)
  • Pennsylvania Waste Transporter
  • Pennsylvania Company Tank Certificate
  • NJ Weights and Measures


When demolition contractors in NJ hold these certificates, you can rest assured they are legally performing tasks while protecting their customers. Also, check to see how long they have held these certifications and you will get a great screenshot attesting to their professionalism.

Portfolio and Reputation

Finally, you will want to get a great feel for the demolition contractor’s reputation in the community, and gauge their professionalism. Start by performing local news searches that mention the company’s name; Google has a search feature for news results that will show any record of a public report mentioning the company, good or bad. Look to see if they are active with the Chamber of Commerce, and what role they play as a business in the community. Have there been any lawsuits filed against the company that resulted in their loss? These are things any business should look into before hiring a demolition contractor to come out and make their property a safe territory for growth.