Buying Solar Panels for Your Home? These 3 Tips Will Help You Make the Best Investment

According to a Quara Report, Solar Energy is the fastest-growing energy source in America since 2015. Homeowners and businesses owners alike are catching notice to all the benefits that come with installing solar panels. From reducing your electricity bill, to qualifying for tax write offs, to simply playing your part in making our earth a cleaner place to live, solar panels offer a multitude of value. Whether your goals are to save money so you can improve your family’s quality of life, help save the earth, or both, these three tips will help you make an educated purchasing decision when it comes to buying solar panels for the home.

1. Work with the Right Solar Panels Company

Choosing the best solar panels company in California is paramount to your investment. More than 80 percent of solar panel companies go out of business within their first five years of operations for a variety of reasons. First, competition in this industry is very cut-throat, so you really need to be an ace in your space to survive and thrive amidst the competition. Also, mismanagement can lead to solar panels companies declaring bankruptcy.

It is CRUCIAL that homeowners partner with a solar panel company that’s been in business for more than a decade and that shows no signs of closing their doors. The reason being that if you ever need repairs done to your solar panels, the company that installed them will have to be the ones to make the corrections. Otherwise your warranty can become void, or the work may be un-permitted when it comes to selling your home. If the solar panel company has been in business for 10 years or more, you can rest assured you’ve found a winner, since most only last for a few years before having to close shop.

2. Choose a Solar Panel Company with a Great Warranty

You can spend weeks researching solar panels. But at the end of the day you are putting your faith into a company that may look great, but you are still investing in faith alone that the solar panels you are spending your hard-earned money on will not only work well, but last their expected lifetime.

In order to make the best investment and protect your assets, choose a solar panel company that offers a strong warranty. Look for a solar panel company that offers no less than a 20 year warranty that covers the panels themselves, installation, roofs, inverters, workmanship and inverters. All too often homeowners will experience major roof leaks during the next rain storm and suffer extensive water damage. With the right warranty, you will be covered in the event of such tragedy. So even if the solar panel company has a perfect safety record, still demand an iron-clad warranty, because it only takes a first time to cost you thousands.

3. Check the Solar Panel Company Portfolio

You want to invest in high-quality solar panels with a great warranty that perform flawlessly and that saves you thousands of dollars for your bottom line. Sure, you can read reviews, and these are important to notice. But a solar panel company portfolio of past clients is a strong testimony to the company’s ability to provide high-quality solar panels, with perfect installation. After all, shoddy work, especially in this industry, follows companies very carefully and word gets to buyers quickly.

Invest in solar panels from a reputable company with more than 20 years of experience that has an iron-clad warranty and a shimmering portfolio, and you will be in the green in no time.