Backhoe Loader for Sale: What Newbies in Construction Need to Know, and What is It?

If you are searching the Internet and your resources to locate a great backhoe loader for sale, you must be a fleet manager for a large company, a fleet supervisor, or a business owner. Construction equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, so for those new to their roles, let’s first get a clear understanding for what we are searching for.

What is a Backhoe Loader?

In the world of construction machinery, backhoe loaders for sale stand out as unique pieces of machinery for specialized tasks. First, their appearance is entirely unique. Backhoe loaders have a number of protruding appendages that can often confuse their purpose if one isn’t trained to use the equipment. For example, a dump truck’s appearance makes its purpose crystal clear, unlike the backhoe.

The backhoe loader is one of the most innovative pieces of construction equipment because it has three machines in one: a tractor, loader and backhoe. Let’s take a closer look at each of these three components and better understand how they play into the backhoe loader overall function.

The Backhoe Loader and it’s Tractor Function

The tractor comprises of the backhoe loader core structure. Just like its cousin tractor that farmers use, the backhoe is engineered to move with ease over all terrain types, even the roughest. It also has an incredibly strong turbocharged diesel engine with massive, rugged tires that come close to something more military-grade. The backhoe loader also has a cab that can be designed to be completely enclosed, or open with a ceiling structure to protect the worker manning the controls.   

The Backhoe Loader and its Loader Attachment

Backhoe loaders have a loader attached to the back of the machine. Unlike a loader with a front attachment, the function is very different. Loaders have many applications and can perform a wide variety of tasks. For example, some tasks require it to function as a giant scooper, much in the same way you scoop out your protein powder before making a shake.  Typically, it is not used for digging but rather for lifting large items and carrying them, especially large amounts of loose material like gravel. It is also used to flatten and smooth surfaces.

The Workings of the Backhoe

Like it’s name suggests, the backhoe is the primary tool. It is able to dig up incredibly dense, hardened compact soil and materials, or lift heavy items like basement walls, septic tanks, and chunks of a foundation. It usually lifts material and drops it in an appropriate pile. The backhoe itself has three components that work like an arm with a hand and fingers. These include the boom, stick and bucket. Backhoes can dig various types of holes but are ideal for ditch-digging. In order for the driver to use the backhoe he must park the tractor and turn his seat around.

Finding the Best Backhoe Loader for Sale

Do your research in vetting various construction machinery companies and look for a seller with a top brand, an amazing warranty, the option to trade in used backhoes for new backhoes for sale, and make sure you get a great warranty. Also, find a brand with multiple dealerships, as this is a testimony to their quality (growth, supply and demand) and commitment to making business easier for their clients by offering faster shipping and demos.